Coding Apprenticeships: Programs, Benefits, and Salary (2023)

Apprenticeships are some of the oldest forms of job training programs around. They allow novices to train on the job with professionals, sometimes in exchange for discounted labor. Today, apprenticeships aren’t limited to skilled trades. Due to the high demand for skilled tech workers, companies across the country now offer coding apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships, like internships, can help a great deal at the beginning of a new career. Coding apprenticeships are an excellent option for recent graduates of coding bootcamps, college graduate holders, self-taught programmers, and apprentice software developers. They offer exclusive real-world insight into the field and often serve as a foot in the door for new programmers.

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This article will cover the types and benefits of tech apprenticeship programs, along with a few examples of web developer apprenticeships and programmer apprenticeship opportunities. We will also look at tech apprenticeship programs in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, and more.

Types of Coding Apprenticeships

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Tech apprenticeship programs come in all forms. Many of these tech apprenticeships are paid opportunities, as they are designed to train you to become a full-fledged professional. Regardless of your field of choice, there’s most likely an apprenticeship opportunity available. Below are three of the most popular types of IT apprenticeships in the US.

Web Developer Apprenticeship

Web developer apprenticeships are ideal for front end, backend, and full stack development students. Web development is one of the fastest-growing fields in tech, and paid apprenticeships give students a chance to work with a seasoned web development team. You’ll learn the nuances of the profession and accumulate experience to gear up for entry-level web development jobs.

Software Developer Apprenticeship

Software engineering and development apprenticeships can help novices train for a full-time job in tech. Recent software engineering bootcamp graduates are welcomed into these positions. Dozens of companies offer software engineering apprenticeships to help motivated coders get the experience they need in a complex environment. Students learn how to integrate into a real company, along with how to code alongside professionals and work as a team.

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Data Science Apprenticeship

Data science apprenticeships are a particularly valuable experience for new coders. And while all coding is complex, exploring a data science career can be particularly tricky. The field is rife with high-level tasks, making apprenticeships an invaluable source of experience. Students will learn how to manage databases and solve problems in real time.

Companies with Coding Apprenticeship Programs

Coding apprenticeships are quite common in the tech industry. You can typically find opportunities such as web developer apprenticeships or programmer apprenticeship programs. While not all apprenticeships are paid, they can still offer valuable mentorship and work experience.

Software developer apprentices, for example, can benefit enormously from these on-the-job learning programs. Below are 10 examples of companies with tech apprenticeship programs along with details on how they can help you grow your professional skills.


The Microsoft LEAP apprenticeship is a program structured much like a coding bootcamp. Students spend 16 weeks immersed in real-world projects and work on key skills to unlock high-paying careers in tech. Microsoft’s apprenticeship program is an excellent learning opportunity, along with the possibility of getting your foot in the door with a large tech company.

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, offers an apprenticeship program that prepares tech beginners for roles in software engineering, data science, and IT support. In the course of 18 months, you will work in a paid, full-time position while also completing skills development training. At the end of the period, apprentices may be considered for full employment at Meta.


Google is known to offer one of the best apprenticeship programs in the tech industry. Google apprentices get a chance to train on the job with experienced mentors while also receiving area-focused training from its partner, Multiverse. A Google apprenticeship’s salary and duration varies based on location and career track.


LinkedIn offers an apprenticeship program across various tech fields for people from nontraditional backgrounds. LinkedIn’s REACH apprenticeship is extensive, lasting anywhere between one and five years. You will progress through several levels of apprenticeships, each of which allocates you adequate time to explore personal and technical skill development training. The application process involves an essay, a take-home project, and a virtual interview.


AT&T’s technology development program is designed to equip STEM degree holders with the right skillsets to explore a career in software engineering, technical business management, network engineering and operations, data analytics, or DevOps engineering. Depending on your track, the training can take between 24 and 36 months. This is a great opportunity that can help you earn between $52,600 and $105,100 annually.


Pinterest offers four apprenticeship programs that focus on two key areas in tech: engineering and products. Each Pinterest apprenticeship takes up to one year, during which apprentices will work on high-impact projects at the company. You will also be assigned a mentor who will guide you during the training period. Pinterest welcomes all job seekers from nontraditional backgrounds, especially those identifying as minorities in tech.


Accenture’s year-long apprenticeship is suitable for applicants without a college degree. The company only requires a high school diploma or equivalent. During the apprenticeship, you will receive on-the-job training, mentorship, formal training, and coaching opportunities to help you excel in various tech positions. Depending on the role and location, you can earn anything between $22.60 and $36.06 per hour.


Lyft offers a Software Engineering (SWE) Apprenticeship Program that is geared toward beginners from non-conventional backgrounds. Not only do Lyft apprentices get to gain a better understanding of how the company works, but they also get to receive mentoring from Lyft professionals. Applications are generally open in Spring every year. Those interested have to fill out an online form, submit a resume, complete a technical challenge, and sit for an interview.

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The IBM Apprenticeship Program is a skills-based pathway that allows non-degree holders to develop the professional skills required to break into tech. As of now, IBM offers 25 apprenticeship positions across emerging tech fields, including cyber security, data science, and software development. IBM apprentices can expect to complete technical courses and practical training over 12 months. After that, they can apply for full-time employment at IBM.

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Unlike others on this list, Amazon’s Technical Apprenticeship is specially dedicated to veterans and their families. There are seven pathways, all related to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which include cloud consultant, technical salesperson, solutions architect, and more. After completing a desired track, apprentices undergo on-the-job training for up to a year to further refine their practical experience. Note that all apprentice roles at Amazon are paid positions.

Other Ways to Find Coding Apprenticeships

One of the best ways to find tech training programs is by going straight to the source. You can make a short list of potential employers that you are interested in and visit their websites to see if they offer tech apprenticeship programs. Below are some other ways you can find software apprenticeships and other relevant opportunities.

City Internships

City Internships offers a unique on-the-job training opportunity through the Global Explorer and Global Accelerator programs. Students spend eight weeks immersed in an apprenticeship with a real company. Plus, students can access additional training opportunities through City Internships itself. is a popular online resource that you can use to find tech apprenticeship programs. It has a built-in tool that allows you to filter opportunities according to occupation, company name, location, and other important keywords. You can also sign up as a career seeker and browse apprenticeship opportunities that are registered with the US Department of Labor.

Job Boards

You can look for apprenticeship opportunities on popular job boards such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. These websites are actively used by thousands, if not millions, of employers for the purpose of recruitment. To ensure a successful search, it is recommended that you perform a targeted search using relevant keywords like software apprenticeships or programming apprenticeship programs.

How Much Can You Earn From a Coding Apprenticeship?

Most apprenticeships for IT roles are paid well. According to data from ZipRecruiter, software developer apprentices earn an average of $87,805 per year. It also revealed that the top-paying states for this role in the US are California, New York, and Michigan. Meanwhile, Glassdoor estimates that software developer apprentices earn around $68,319 annually.

Note that overall earnings are influenced by a number of factors, including company, location, and academic performance. Another crucial aspect to look at is the area of tech that the apprenticeship is associated with. For example, data science apprentices make more than their software developer counterparts, with an average salary of $106,386 per year.

Benefits of Coding Apprenticeships

Coding Apprenticeships: Programs, Benefits, and Salary (3)

Apprenticeships are a valuable step in the education process as they provide real-world experience that you won’t find in a classroom. Apprenticeships also facilitate the journey of embarking on your first tech job, making your transition smooth and seamless. Below are the top three benefits of a coding apprenticeship.

Real-World Experience

An apprenticeship offers on-the-job training. It exposes new programmers to real-world situations and provides an accurate glimpse into the realities of the career they’re building. An apprenticeship allows students to develop the critical thinking abilities required in a dynamic workplace, such as a tech company.

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Competitive Pay

Paid apprenticeship programs are an opportunity to make money from coding. Getting paid for work is rewarding. Plus, it adds legitimacy to the experience itself. To put it simply, graduating from coding is one thing but getting paid for coding is another. It demonstrates to employers that your work is exceptional enough to pay for.

Freedom to Make Mistakes

An apprentice is a student and making mistakes is acceptable. It’s time to learn and become a better programmer. The lessons you learn during an apprenticeship follow you throughout your career. It helps prepare you for the real world through learning and doing.

How to Get a Coding Apprenticeship

Finding a coding apprenticeship opportunity is relatively simple. There is a wide array of different options available, such as apprenticeships for women and new graduates. You’ll discover apprenticeship opportunities all over online job boards.

If you can’t find a good fit on a job board, just ask around. Many apprenticeships are a result of a coffee shop conversation or even a cold email. Find a local company with a job offer or contact them and inquire about apprenticeship opportunities. It may take a while, but don’t get discouraged because you never know who’s looking for extra help.

The tricky part is actually getting a coding apprenticeship. While not all companies have the same exact requirements, most ask that you complete an application, submit an essay and a resume, tackle a challenge, and attend an interview. So long as you satisfy the requirements, you should be in consideration for an apprenticeship position.

Coding Apprenticeships FAQ

What is a tech apprenticeship?

Information technology apprenticeships are unique opportunities for on-the-job training that allows apprentices to undergo skills development training while being paid for a tech role with a company. Apprentices are welcome to apply for full-time employment at the same company afterward, but a job is not necessarily guaranteed.

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How to get an apprenticeship in coding after a bootcamp?

To get a coding apprenticeship after a bootcamp, you have to know where to look for the right opportunities. Most people recommend using a centralized website like or job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed because they allow you to use filters to narrow down your options. You can also leverage the connections you made in your coding bootcamp to find a suitable apprenticeship opportunity.

Is a Google apprenticeship worth it?

A Google apprenticeship is worth it for people looking for a registered apprenticeship program in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, or New York. It offers paid on-the-job training alongside professional development courses and mentorship. The duration of Google apprenticeship programs varies according to the career track.

What does a software developer apprentice do?

Software developer apprentices collaborate with other members of the team to build software components and execute projects that are important to the company. Because the positions are considered entry-level, apprentices are not expected to have extensive skills and experience. Instead, they receive guidance on how to use real-world software development skills.

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