7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (2023)

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Free Appointment Scheduling Software Compared How We Evaluated Free Appointment Scheduling Software 30% of Overall Score 30% of Overall Score 20% of Overall Score 20% of Overall Score Picktime: Best Overall Free Appointment Scheduling App Picktime What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features: Picktime Pricing Picktime Standout Features What Picktime Is Missing Square Appointments: Best for Solo Providers Needing Unlimited Appointments Square Appointments What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features Square Appointments Pricing Square Appointments Standout Features What Square Appointments Is Missing 10to8: Best for Robust Features & Lots of Integrations 10to8 What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features 10to8 Pricing 10to8 Standout Features What 10to8 Is Missing Appointlet: Best for Sales Teams Appointlet What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features: Appointlet Pricing Appointlet Standout Features What Appointlet Is Missing Fresha: Best for Beauty & Wellness Businesses Fresha What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features Fresha Pricing Fresh Standout Features What Fresha Is Missing Setmore: Best for Managing Staff Members & Hosting Classes Setmore What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features Setmore Pricing Setmore Standout Features What Setmore Is Missing Calendly: Best for Scheduling Meetings & Appointments Calendly What We Like What's Missing Free Plan Features Calendly Pricing Calendly Standout Features What Calendly Is Missing Bottom Line FAQs Videos

Appointment scheduling software allows clients to view a calendar of your business’s available meeting times and self-book an appointment. It also lets business owners manage appointments, send automatic reminders, and accept deposits online. Free appointment scheduling software can be hard to find, as many programs are simply limited versions of larger, paid services. However, we identified seven programs that provide comprehensive features at no cost.

The best free appointment scheduling software are:

  • Picktime: Best overall software for scheduling appointments of any kind
  • Square Appointments: Best for solo providers needing unlimited appointments, scheduling, payment, and SMS reminders
  • 10to8: Best for robust features and lots of integrations
  • Appointlet: Best for sales teams needing to manage clients and convert leads
  • Fresha: Best for beauty and wellness businesses needing inventory and POS
  • Setmore: Best for gyms and businesses needing to set appointments for multiple staff members or classes
  • Calendly: Best for making appointments with clients or scheduling meetings with co-workers

Free Appointment Scheduling Software Compared

Class/Group Bookings

Notification Types

Website Integrations

Appointment Limits

Number of Free Users

Email (SMS with paid option)

Unlimited appointments; 2 class bookings per month

3 users

SMS and email


1 user

SMS, voice call, and email

100 per month

2 users

Email (SMS possible with Zappier plugin in paid plan)


1 user

Email (SMS and Fresha App notifications in paid plan only)

✕ (with paid plan only)



Email (SMS with paid plan)


4 users

✕ (only with paid plan)

App notifications (email and SMS with paid plans)

Unlimited (only one event-type)

1 user

If your needs require more than a free plan can offer, consider the paid plans offered by some of these providers or any of our other top appointment scheduling software.

How We Evaluated Free Appointment Scheduling Software

For free appointment scheduling software to work for your business, it needs to account for all the nuances that go into booking an appointment. For example, some businesses charge clients during the booking process or need clients to fill out a questionnaire before confirming their appointment. Others need support for multiple employees or may want video integration that automatically adds meeting links to the confirmation email.

To evaluate free appointment scheduling software, we looked carefully at all of these features. Noting which are available for free versus which require a premium upgrade. The last thing you want is to get all set up and then find out you need to pay a monthly fee to access one essential feature. We also evaluated each software’s quality, ease of use, and customer support.

Picktime was our top scorer with a 4.46 out of 5 as its final score. It offers nearly every feature we looked for and works for multiple users—all for free. Click through the tabs below for our detailed evaluation criteria.

  • Breakdown
  • Free Plan Limitations
  • Appointment Booking Tools
  • Back Office Features
  • Expert Score


Free Plan Limitations


Appointment Booking Tools


Back Office Features


Expert Score

30% of Overall Score

A free plan means nothing if you can’t use it. We favored plans that don’t make you pay for their most useful features. We also considered whether they limited the number of users or appointments you can book.

30% of Overall Score

Tools evaluated include a page where customers could make their own appointments and fill out intake forms or questionnaires, options for classes, selecting specific groups of employees, and syncing with calendars. We also considered video chat integration for virtual meetings.

20% of Overall Score

Can you take payments through the software itself? Does it integrate with other software? Are there appointment reminders or a customer database for marketing? We considered all of these capabilities.

20% of Overall Score

In addition to our own evaluation of the features and value, we looked at reviews from actual users posted on trusted review sites for software. Every calendar software we considered had excellent reviews—4 out of 5 stars and higher—on Capterra and/or G2.

*Percentages of overall score

Picktime: Best Overall Free Appointment Scheduling App


7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (1)

Overall Score: 4.46 OUT OF 5

What's Missing

  • SMS reminders only with paid plans
  • Limited class bookings with free plan

Free Plan Features:

  • Supports two locations
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Email notifications
  • Online booking page
  • Payment processing
  • Website booking widget
  • Booking forms
  • Team schedule management (three people)
  • Invoicing
  • Reports and analytics
(Video) 11 Appointment Scheduling Apps for 2022

Picktime is a relatively new appointment scheduling app that has been growing over the last several years and receiving rave reviews from its adopters. The software offers a robust bank of free features, including adding booking forms, taking deposits, generating invoices or accepting payments online, and sending automated email reminders.

Picktime earned an overall score of 4.46 out of 5 because of its free feature offerings and ability to support multiple staff members, classes, and calendar syncs. The app mainly lost points because of several key features that are locked behind paid plans, including SMS notifications and unlimited class bookings.

Picktime Pricing

When it was first introduced in 2017, Picktime was entirely free. That is no longer the case and the software has since added several paid plans, although it still offers a robust free option that works for most small businesses. Its other two plans, Starter and Pro, include more features, allow for more users, and offer more class bookings. The free plan is a great place to start, however, and with Picktime’s paid options, there are opportunities for the software to grow with your business.

  • Starter – $9.99 per month
  • Pro – $19.99 per month

Picktime Standout Features

  • Multiple location access: Picktime supports multiple locations, allowing you to manage appointments for two branches from the same dashboard. It can also detect your client’s location to find the branch nearest them.
  • Three free users: Unlike most of the other software on this list, Picktime’s free plan is not limited to one or two users. Only Setmore and Fresha allow more free users.
  • Customer management: Quickly access your customer data for marketing promotions and discounts, leave customer notes for your staff, and import/export customer data from anywhere. Additionally, your customers can keep track of their upcoming appointments by creating their own Picktime account.
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations: Picktime’s key integrations include Jitsi (free), Google Meet (paid), Microsoft Teams (paid), Zoom (paid), Skype (paid), Google, Outlook, iCloud, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

What Picktime Is Missing

While Picktime offers a great menu of free features and positive reviews, the software program does lock some important features like SMS and popular video integrations, behind its paid plans. Additionally, the free plan does not allow for unlimited class bookings, and there are no customization options for your email and SMS reminders. For both SMS notifications and unlimited class bookings, try Square Appointments.

Square Appointments: Best for Solo Providers Needing Unlimited Appointments

Square Appointments

7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (2)

Overall Score: 4.44 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Included POS system
  • Unlimited free features
  • No-show protection
  • Booking page integrations on website, Google, Facebook, and Instagram

What's Missing

  • Free for only one user
  • Calendar sync with Google only
  • No video appointment integration

Free Plan Features

All of Square Appointments features are free for one person. There are, however, a number of multistaff and add-on features that you can choose from.

  • Booking webpage
  • SMS and email reminders
  • No-show and cancellation management
  • Square Assistant
  • Payment processing, instant transfers, and invoicing
  • POS system (contactless payments and bookings)
  • CRM features

Square Appointments is ideal for a single-person business because it gives you access to all of its main features without hiding anything behind a paywall or showing pesky ads. You can set up a webpage where clients can view your open time slots, book an appointment, and pay for their service. This webpage can even be linked to your social media accounts and integrated into your website. Like Fresha, Square will also provide you with a free point-of-sale (POS) tablet when you join their program, and customers can book and pay for appointments from there as well.

Square Appointments also sends automatic email or SMS reminders when the appointment is drawing near. It syncs your appointments with Google Calendar, so any conflicts you have are automatically removed from your booking page.

In our scoring, Square Appointments earned a 4.44 out of 5 due to its rich available features and easy booking features. The program mainly lost points for its lack of video integrations and limited calendar syncing.

Square Appointments Pricing

Square Appointments scales its pricing based on the number of users. That means that no matter what plan you use, you will be able to access all the available features and perks. For one person, Square is entirely free. From there, pricing is as follows

(Video) 7 Best Free And Open Source Appointment Scheduling Software

  • 2-5 users: $50 per month
  • 6-10 users: $90 per month
  • 11+ users: Custom-priced

Square Appointments Standout Features

  • SMS appointment notifications: While every one of our providers offer some kind of appointment notifications, Square is unique in that it includes SMS in its free plan. 10to8 is the only other plan that offers text notifications as part of its free service.
  • Square Assistant: Square Appointments’ text services also utilize Square Assistant, an automated messaging tool enabling 24/7 replies concerning appointment confirmations, cancellations, or rescheduling.
  • Booking page customization: Additionally, Square has great customization options for your online booking page and allows you to design a page without any Square branding. You can customize the description, duration, and pricing of your list of services and choose how they will display (as a menu of calendar, for example) on your booking site.
  • POS: Signing up for Square Appointments also gives you access to Square POS, which includes tools for payment processing, customer management, and inventory tracking.
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations: Square Appointments’ key integrations include Google, PayPal, Square, and Stripe.

What Square Appointments Is Missing

While Square Appointments has a lot to offer for one person, the program did lose some points for limiting their free program to a single employee. For up to three free users, Picktime is a great choice. Additionally, unlike Setmore, Appointlet, and Calendly, there is no video integration, and calendar syncing only works with Google.

Read our Square Appointments review to learn more.

10to8: Best for Robust Features & Lots of Integrations


7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (3)

Overall Score: 4.25 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Syncs with all calendars
  • Two-way chat feature
  • Includes questionnaire and intake forms

What's Missing

  • Limited to 100 appointments per month
  • Customization of booking page only with paid plan; 10to8 branding with free plan

Free Plan Features

10to8’s free plan includes all the appointment scheduling features, and paid plans include several additional customization features.

  • SMS, email, and/or voice reminders
  • Booking website (10to8 branding)
  • Integrates with Facebook
  • Payment processing
  • Customizable questionnaires
  • Receive calendar update notifications via SMS
  • Manage appointments and availability from your 10to8 app
  • CRM and sales reporting

10to8 is another feature-rich appointment scheduling app with extensive integration options. 10to8 offers booking for individuals or classes, calendars for multiple staff members, customizable questionnaires, payment acceptance online, and calendar sync with multiple calendars. It also offers video chat integration for virtual appointments. In fact, the software has over 1,500 integrations, making for a seamless adoption for most retailers.

With 4.25 out of 5 stars, 10to8 is an excellent software for just about any small business due to its extensive free features and integrations. 10to8 lost points mainly because of its appointment and customization limitations.

10to8 Pricing

Like Square Appointments, 10to8’s free plan includes all appointment scheduling features, but is limited by the number of staff members it can support. Unlike Square, however, 10to8 also limits your monthly appointments, with higher appointment limits coming with larger plans. 10to8’s free plan is a great option for solo or two-person operations.

  • Free: All features. 100 appointments per month, two staff members, no branding capability
  • Basic ($9.60 per month): All features. 100 appointments per month, two staff members, custom branding
  • Grow ($20 per month): All features. 300 appointments per month, three staff members, custom branding
  • Bigger Business ($40 per month): All features. 600 appointments per month, six staff members, custom branding
  • Enterprise (Custom Quote): All features. Unlimited appointments per month, Unlimited staff members, custom branding. HIPAA tools. Phone support.

10to8 Standout Features

  • Calendar sync: 10to8, along with Calendly, is one of the best options for calendar syncing. Unlike our other options, 10to8 syncs with all major calendars including iCal, Outlook, Office 365, and Google.
  • SMS notifications: 10to8 offers SMS reminders, a service that only it and Square provide. Not only that, but 10to8 offers voicemail notifications for even more assurance against forgotten appointments.
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations: The software also has over 1,500 integrations, making it easy to add 10to8 to your existing systems and website. Among its video calendar, and payment processing integrations are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google, iCal, Exchange, Office 365, Outlook, PayPal, and Stripe.

What 10to8 Is Missing

While 10to8 has a great list of offerings, it does have its drawbacks. 10to8 does not offer unlimited appointments and you cannot customize your messaging or booking page with the free plan. A better option for customization is Square Appointments.

Appointlet: Best for Sales Teams


7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (4)

Overall Score: 4.23 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Rich video integrations
  • Dashboard for creating and managing meetings
  • Embed calendar anywhere in your sales funnel
  • Intake forms and questionnaires

What's Missing

  • Customization and branding only with paid plans
  • Free plan only supports one team member

Free Plan Features:

Appointlet offers a rich host of features in its free program. The only things that this software keeps behind its paywall are its more advanced customization tools and team management features.

  • Meeting dashboard for viewing and schedule management
  • Brand logo on calendar
  • Embed scheduling page on website, calendar, landing page, and/or email
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Automatic email booking notifications
  • Custom intake forms
  • Display welcome message on meeting invites
  • Collect payments
  • Require advance notice for meeting scheduling
  • Set maximum meetings per day
(Video) Calendly Tutorial 2022- Beginners Guide | Best Free Appointment Scheduling Tool

Appointlet is a great choice for managing sales teams and leads. With Appointlet, you can integrate your schedule at any point in your sales funnel, whether that be your website, emails, or landing pages. From there, clients and team members can view your availability and schedule appointments that will automatically appear on your schedule. They can even pay for services from your booking page, if necessary.

There are also rich CRM channels for managing your clients as well as an Appointlet dashboard where you can easily update and view your appointments and meetings in one place. Not only that, but with Google calendar and Office 365 integrations and several video chat channels, Appointlet makes it easy to manage sales and meetings seamlessly.

Appointlet scored closely to 10to8, with a 4.23 out of 5 as its final score. In addition to its sales team management features, Appointlet also allows unlimited monthly bookings. The program did lose some points, however, for restricting its users in the free program and putting advanced customization behind its paid plan.

Appointlet Pricing

Appointlet offers a great free plan with all their “essential” features. The plan allows for unlimited appointments, but only accommodates one staff member. Appointlet also offers a paid plan with more advanced features both in terms of customizations and team management. Like Square Appointments, Appointlet increases their price based on the number of users.

Appointlet’s pricing and plans are as follows:

  • Free: Appointlet provides its “essential” features free for one user
  • Premium ($10 per month, per member): Customizable branding, automated booking reminders, pooled availability for teams, private meeting types, Zapier integrations

Appointlet Standout Features

  • Intake forms: Appointlet makes it easy to get to know your clients before their appointment with custom intake forms and questionnaires. Its field types include text, checklists, multiple choice, and address fields.
  • Customized booking page: While not as extensive as Square, Appointlet lets you display a custom welcome message on your booking page; the software’s branding, however, will still be present with its free program.
  • Meeting management: You can opt to approve appointments manually, require advanced bookings notice, and restrict the number of attendees for any given event or meeting.
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations: Appointlet offers integrations with Google Meet, Join.me, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, Google, Office 365, Square, PayPal, and Stripe.

What Appointlet Is Missing

While Appointlet is a great choice for managing sales teams, it is lacking in a few areas. First, unlike several of our top providers (including Picktime or 10to8), Appointlet limits the number of supported staff members to only one on its free plan and then you pay a monthly fee per person, per month, for every additional person. Additionally, there are limited customization options on the free plan. For more free customization options, try Square Appointments.

Fresha: Best for Beauty & Wellness Businesses


7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (5)

Overall Score: 4.13 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Unlimited staff members and appointments
  • Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by over 1,100 users
  • Includes POS system with inventory tracking

What's Missing

  • No video integrations
  • Online booking and payment processing only with paid plan
  • Can only list business on Fresha app with paid plan

Free Plan Features

Fresha has introduced a slew of new features over the past several years, and have included them in their paid program. For their free plan, however, you still get all of their basic scheduling offerings and access to the well-renowned user dashboard.

  • Book appointments in-person only
  • POS and inventory tracking
  • Email notifications
  • Top-reviewed user interface
  • Manage schedule and appointments via Fresha dashboard
  • Sales reporting and CRM
  • Employee schedule management

Fresha is a very popular and highly reviewed app in the beauty and wellness industries. The software has specific programs for a variety of industries, including salons, gyms, personal training, and more. It allows you to book unlimited appointments for as many staff members as you wish in as many locations as you need. It also has unlimited email notifications and a coinciding dashboard where you can view and manage your appointments.

Overall, Fresha earned a 4.13 out of 5 in our scoring. Fresha stands out from most of the competition in that, like Square, it includes a POS and inventory system in its free program. It loses points, however, because some of the features offered by other free software, such as SMS text reminders and class bookings, are only with its unique paid plan.

Fresha Pricing

Fresha’s pricing structure is a bit different from the rest. Unlike our other options that charge a flat monthly rate, Fresha charges you for transactions as well as a 20% commission fee for each new client you acquire through the Fresha marketplace. The catch? You can only list on the marketplace and process payments when you sign up for their paid plan.

  • Free: Unlimited number of employees, POS, inventory
  • Fresha Plus (2.19% plus 20 cents per transaction + 20% new client fee): Everything in the free plan plus online booking, payment processing, no-show protection, marketing tools, SMS text reminders

Fresh Standout Features

  • Reporting capabilities: Fresha makes it easy to manage your salon or other beauty and wellness business with unlimited free reporting.
  • Unlimited locations and users: Use one account to manage multiple locations. Additionally, Fresha supports your entire team with unlimited users and appointment bookings.
  • POS: Fresha allows you to set up payment types for use during checkout. The platform can add tips on checkout and set payment and discount types, staff commission rates, and voucher duration.

What Fresha Is Missing

While Fresha is beloved by many of its users, it does lack some of the features that other software provides. For example, unlike Square Appointments, Fresha does not have text notifications or class or group booking options. Additionally, all of our other options provide online booking in their free plans, but with Fresha’s free plan, you can only book in-person via the Fresha POS system. Online booking is only available with the paid plan.

Read our Fresha review to learn more.

Setmore: Best for Managing Staff Members & Hosting Classes


7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (6)

Overall Score: 3.47 OUT OF 5

(Video) Calendly Tutorial (2022) | Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business

What We Like

  • Unlimited class bookings
  • Team calendar management and syncing
  • Facebook and Instagram booking page integration

What's Missing

  • SMS notifications only with paid plan
  • No intake form capabilities

Free Plan Features

Setmore offers a basic free plan with a rich variety of management features. It does, however, bar some key features behind its paid plan, including SMS notifications and message customizations.

  • Class bookings
  • Email reminders
  • Facebook and Instagram integration
  • CRM integrations
  • Automatic confirmation emails
  • No show deposit protection

Setmore supports up to four free users and is loaded with features that make it great for managing teams. Clients can book online and see which employees are available at a particular time. Or, you can add appointments manually from the dashboard, as well as reschedule or reassign appointments with just a few clicks. Setmore also lets you accept payments and maintain a customer database. It also integrates with mailing, sales, and CRM programs, as well as a multitude of business apps.

Setmore’s rich management features and user-friendly interface earned it a 3.47 out of 5. But, it lost points as a free plan because it charges for many of the features that other scheduling software on our list offer free. (Paid features include SMS reminders, customization, and video integration.) However, its paid plans are reasonably priced, especially if you have three or more employees.

Setmore Pricing

Setmore has three plans to choose from, based on the features and customization that you want. The two paid plans, however, have the same offerings, with the Pro plan simply offering a better rate for larger teams.

  • Free: Most features for up to four employees, payment with Square only
  • Premium ($12 per user, per month): One to two users, includes all free features, plus SMS reminders, custom notifications, recurring appointments, Zoom, calendar sync, payment with Square or Stripe
  • Pro ($9 per user, per month): Three-plus users, includes all free and premium features

Setmore Standout Features

  • Four free users: Other than Fresha’s unlimited user plan, Setmore’s free plan allows for more users than any of the other providers on our list.
  • Social media integration: You can add your Fresha booking page directly to both your Instagram and Facebook pages, so that customers can book directly from wherever they find you.
  • Video meetings: Offer one-on-one virtual appointments or small group sessions via Teleport video calls.
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations: Setmore also has a slew of integrations for your business, including Zoom (paid), Teleport, Google (paid), Office 365 (paid), Square, Stripe (paid), and PayPal (paid).

What Setmore Is Missing

While Setmore has a host of great staff management features, it hides several key abilities behind its paywall. SMS notifications, calendar syncing, video appointments, and customizations are all exclusive to Setmore’s paid plans. All of the other programs on this list offer calendar syncing in their free plans and, as mentioned above, there are options for free SMS notifications (Square Appointments and 10to8).

Calendly: Best for Scheduling Meetings & Appointments


7 Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software for 2022 (7)

Overall Score: 3.13 OUT OF 5

What We Like

  • Video integrations
  • Syncs with multiple calendar programs
  • Easy to use appointment management

What's Missing

  • Free plan limited to one user
  • No appointment notifications in free plan

Free Plan Features

Calendly offers a basic package of features for free users and more advanced offerings in its paid plans.

  • Unlimited meetings and appointments (single event type)
  • Automated event notifications via Calendly app
  • Add Calendly widget to your website
  • Personalized booking link

Calendly offers a strong and user-friendly appointment scheduling system that works well for both managing in-office meetings and scheduling client appointments. With Calendly, you can send emails with your Calendly booking link or embed to let them see your available times, making it easier to schedule group meetings. It can also send out notifications via the Calendly app and has integrations with video conferencing software.

Calendly is loaded with features for teams that deal with a high volume of appointments: You can assign team members round-robin based on various rules or when all necessary team members are available. Unfortunately, none of these features are available with the free version of Calendly. Look to Square Appointments for a single-person free plan with all the perks and features.

Calendly got high marks from user reviewers, and our expert review gave it 3.13 out of 5 stars because so many features require a paid plan. However, should you be looking for a free program that can scale, Calendly may be a good bet.

Calendly Pricing

Calendly’s pricing structure increases in price as both the number of supported users as well as features and capabilities increase.

  • Free: Calendly provides a basic version free for one user. You can only book one event type, which means you can only set up a single meeting duration, name, location, and description.
  • Premium ($10 per person, per month): Two calendars per user, unlimited event types. Pooled availability, group bookings, customize notifications, 700+ integrations
  • Pro ($15 per person, per month): Six calendars per user, adds online payments and SMS notifications
  • Teams ($20 per person, per month): Everything in Pro, create round robin events, set admin permissions, integrate with Salesforce

Calendly Standout Features

  • Calendar sync: One of our top options for calendar syncing (10to8 is another), Calendly syncs with Google, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud calendars.
  • Website integration: Embed Calendly in your website or add it via pop-up or widget so visitors can book with you without leaving the site.
  • Meeting booking and management: Calendly allows you to customize your booking link for easier sharing, create meeting polls where employees can vote on different meeting time options based on their preferences, and set up automated event notifications.
  • Video, calendar, and payment processing integrations: In addition to Slack and Google Meet, Calendly has a host of other integrations, including Zoom, WebEx, Google, Office 365, iCloud, Outlook, PayPal, and Stripe.

What Calendly Is Missing

While there are a lot of great features for managing both meetings and appointments with Calendly, the free scheduling program does lack some key features. Unlike Square Appointments, Fresha, and Appointlet, Calendly restricts you to one meeting type. Additionally, there are no email of SMS notifications for your clients and no class/group bookings in the free plan.

Bottom Line

Appointment scheduling programs make it easy for you and your clients or co-workers to manage your schedules and book appointments and meetings without the hassle of the back and forth. There are a ton of great free options available for appointment scheduling apps, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Our top pick for free appointment scheduling apps is Picktime for its range of features, ease of use, and excellent customer reviews.


Is there a free scheduling program? ›

Doodle's free scheduling software has features to help you schedule any kind of meeting and sync them to your online calendar. You can connect any calendar software you use, including Outlook and Google, to your Doodle account.

What is the best app for keeping track of appointments? ›

  • The Best Scheduling Apps of 2022.
  • Square Appointments.
  • Setmore.
  • Calendly.
  • Zoho Bookings.
  • Appointy.
  • Doodle.
  • SimplyBook.me.
5 Sept 2022

Does Doodle have a free version? ›

A basic Doodle account is for free.

With a free Doodle account, you can create group meetings and set up a booking page. With a Doodle Professional subscription, you can do even more.

Is there a better scheduling app than Doodle? ›

And because of the free meeting scheduler, Hubspot is one of the best doodle alternatives around. Unlike a traditional scheduling tool, Hubspot connects to not only the inbox but also your CRM software. This allows your team to set meetings with prospective customers.

How do I find a meeting time that works for everyone for free? ›

You can find a time that works for everyone using Google Calendar.
  1. Navigate to Google Calendar. Start out by logging into your Google Calendar account.
  2. Create a new event or edit an existing event. ...
  3. Add guests to the invite. ...
  4. Click the "Find a Time" tab. ...
  5. Select a time.
16 Mar 2021

How long is Calendly free? ›

As a new Calendly user, you will receive a free 14-day trial of the Teams subscription once your new account is created.

Which free calendar is best? ›

The best calendar apps
  • Google Calendar for the best free calendar app for teams.
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar for Microsoft users.
  • Calendar for scheduling external appointments.
  • Fantastical for the best design.
  • Apple Calendar for a free option for Apple users.
2 Nov 2022

Does Google have a free meeting scheduler? ›

Free Meeting Scheduling for Google Calendar - Google Workspace Marketplace. Schedule meetings and appointments in Google Calendar. zcal is the fast, modern way to schedule every meeting. 100% free.

What is the best free scheduling app for small business? ›

Top 10 Free Appointment Scheduling Software Providers
  • Square Appointments.
  • Calendly.
  • Squarespace Scheduling.
  • Appointy.
  • 10to8.
  • HubSpot.
  • SimplyBook.
  • Appointlet.

What is the easiest free calendar app? ›

Google Calendar is both powerful and flexible, all without being hard to use. If all you want is a simple calendar to keep track of your events, you're covered. It doesn't take long to learn how to add events, or switch from the default week view to a month or day view.

Which is the No 1 meeting app? ›

If you value ubiquitousness and familiarity, then Zoom just might be the best meeting app. It is the most used app, by far, in the web conferencing software market, with Datanyze estimating Zoom takes a whopping 72.56% of the market share as of August 2021. And with its free plan, it comes at no cost to you.

How do I schedule a group meeting for free? ›

1. Google Calendar: A free and a simple meeting scheduler
  1. Create a meeting by adding an event to your calendar.
  2. Customize the time.
  3. Add the location.
  4. Set up reminders.
  5. Meet virtually through Google Meet.
  6. Invite your guests and grant them different permissions.


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